The cocoa value chain in many West African regions is characterized by a fragmented and often informal network of smallholder farmers, middlemen, and cooperatives. These farmers often operate in remote areas on small plots of land, lacking direct access to global markets. This reliance on a series of intermediaries to connect their products to consumers creates a scattered structure, exacerbated by inadequate transportation and communication infrastructure, resulting in a lack of transparency throughout the supply chain. Critical information about the cocoa's origin, farming practices, and quality can become lost as it moves from one link in the chain to the next.

Analog Process

The absence of a robust technological infrastructure in these farming regions further deepens the obscurity of the process. Without modern tools to track and verify cocoa beans from farm to factory, ensuring their quality, ethical sourcing, and environmental impact becomes a formidable challenge. This situation not only erodes the confidence of consumers and stakeholders concerned about sustainable and responsible sourcing but also frequently leads to farmers receiving suboptimal compensation for their produce, perpetuating the cycle of poverty in cocoa-growing communities.

The Cooko Way

At COOKO, we're not just changing the way cocoa is harvested; we're revolutionizing the very essence of artisanal supply chains at their core.

First Mile

Our proprietary process captures unparalleled value right at harvest, setting the gold standard for the next generation of cocoa—Source Fermented Cacao®. This isn't just about cocoa; it's a paradigm shift for West African farmers and traders, bringing them to the forefront of the digital age.

With our IoT-enabled harvesting containers, we seize the moment of peak value, capturing the essence of the bean while laying down the foundation for superior quality, lowered costs, and enhanced yields. This digitally empowered value chain not only uplifts farmer incomes but also embeds the pinnacle of traceability that brands urgently need.